Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review

Hey everyone, and welcome to my blog. After receiving several emails from many of my followers asking to do a review of the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide, I decided to go ahead and spend a little money on purchasing the guide so that I can give you guys a full rundown for how well it works, or how well it doesn’t. At first, I was REALLY impressed with it…but later on down the road I completely changed my mind. If you looking for a detailed look into the program, keep reading.

Kayla Itsines Review – The BBG

So, first off, immediately after visiting the website I was hit with a big warning sign. She was advertising a “12 weeks or less” guarantee on how quickly your body would be transformed if you purchased her program. I had to fight from rolling my eyes. Any workout program that has to promise quick, fast results like this usually ends up being a total sham. But hey, maybe this would be the first guide that actually delivered on its promise. Moving on…

Kayla Intestines Waterbottle

Kayla Itsines, ladies and gentlemen.

As it turns out, Kayla Itsines is a 24-year-old Australian personal trainer. Her age was immediately another warning sign for – because I don’t know how well a youngster such as herself be trusted with delivering good before-and-after results from women trying out her program. Especially when you consider that many of her followers would probably be older women, like me, who are trying to get back into shape they had in their younger years.

I discovered that she had started her career in the fitness industry way back in 2008. She also gone to college and study exercise science while she was attending. That definitely made me more willing to trust her and what advice she might be able to offer.

She states that while she was working in a women’s only gym, she began to realize common issues that women would have with their own bodies. She started to compile the common solutions into what would eventually evolve into the PDF that we know today as the bikini body guide.

She also claims that the BBG will help women get their ideal beach body in the most efficient and effective way they could think of. Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen. But it certainly sounds plausible so far.

Inside The Guide:

Well, it simply depends on which packages you decide to purchase. She offers a variety of things:

  • At $69.97, you can purchase the Kayla Itsines help nutrition guide which covers about two weeks of meal planning and can be purchased in a vegetarian or regular meal plan option
  • At $69.97 she offers the original bikini body workout guide 1.0 which is the collection of workout exercises she has now become famous for. The 1.0 version of it covers 12 weeks of material.
  • Then, at $69.97 she offers the bikini body workout guide 2.0. This is a continuation of the original bikini body guide, and covers an additional 12 weeks worth of material. That means that you want to buy both the 1.0 and the 2.0 workouts in order to get the complete exercise plan.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds expensive as all get out.

She allows you to sort of cheap in the prices, not to do coupon codes like someone might normally, but instead by offering bundles where you purchase multiple guides and get an overall discount.

You total price ends up to be $209.91 you want to follow her workouts for a total of six months. That’s an outrageous pricing.


But I paid for it, just because I love you guys and wanted you to have a trustworthy review to count on. As it turns out, this might be one of the most overpriced and overhyped fitness programs out there.

Check out this blog post where I suggest some alternatives to the BBG.

If you decide to go ahead and follow the Kayla Itsines guide, I sure hope that your wallet forgives you, because I might not.


Kayla Itsines FAQ

Does this guide or meal plan cater to any special needs?

Yes it does. Her help nutrition guide offers a vegetarian option as well as a regular option, and even includes consideration for people who are lactose or gluten intolerant in the meals.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t try out this program?

People without a lot of money to waste, or women who are nursing and/or pregnant. Especially women who are pregnant, because the meal plan involves eating an insignificant amount of calories for the average human being. I’ll talk more about this later.

Can you do these workouts from home?

Not unless your home comes equipped with a suspicious amount of Jen equipment. The fact of the matter is that Kayla Itsines requires you to have several things, such as a barbell, dumbbells, a medicine ball, a bench, a jump rope, and even a yoga mat. If you don’t have all of those things, you have to buy them yourself or go to a gym that carries these items. And gym memberships cost money.

Pros and Cons of The BBG


  1. None of the workouts that come into the guide are particularly complicated.
  2. The program requires that you workout 30 minutes a day, every day of the week. This allows you to get into the habit of exercising regularly.
  3. Because it’s released as a PDF, you could take the workouts wherever you need to if you travel a lot.


  1. Like I mentioned, you have to work every day to make this work. For people who have busy lives or demanding work hours, this simply won’t be possible.
  2. She managed to split a complete workout into two separate sections and charges the price for one workout for each half. Unlike other programs that give you all components of a year-round workout, she’s charging you for each piece. One half, the other half, and then the meal plan.
  3. Because she require so much additional equipment that people don’t tend to have lying around the house, you’re going to have to get a gym membership one invest even more money into buying the equipment to use at home.
  4. She doesn’t have any instructional videos or otherwise complementary material to go with her exercises.
  5. There’s no money back guarantee, so it is a tossup whether or not you get your money back if you decide to get a refund on the guide. Other workouts, such as Jen Ferruggia’s bikini body guide workout, does come with a money back guarantee.

My Experience

weight loss before and after kayla itsines
I achieved these results with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT workout – the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Workout (after I abandoned the BBG)

Like I mentioned before, I saw many warning signs when I visited the website, but decided to try it out anyway.

Any program that advertises itself as a quick solution to losing weight always gives me pause. But I decided to buy the complete guide anyway, and I must say that I regret that decision immensely.

It’s an extremely expensive workout program, and none of the information is particularly impressive. She mentions on her website that she “developed her own set of exercises to target women’s problem areas specifically”, but she did nothing of the sort.

I’ve tried plenty of other workout program before I purchased the bikini body guide, and I have to say that many of them were not only cheaper, but were also better overall than the plan that Kayla Itsines has put together.

Many of them condensed a lot more material and really make sure that the buyer got plenty of bang for their buck. If you don’t believe me, you should look at the comparison page that I have here,

Kayla also claimed that she is against bad or crash dieting. This is a pretty misleading, because she then asked for you to take in all the 1600 calories a day. If you talk to any doctor or nutritionist that tell you just how crazy that really is. You going to lose weight fast, but it’s going to be at the cost of your mental health and your metabolism. What results is you going on a few day binge and ultimately ending up in position worse off than when you started.

Even according to Web M.D. and health websites, adult human beings should get around 2000 cal a day, especially if they are active. The only way you could get away with eating as much as Kayla recommends is if you’re not working out. But, by definition you’re probably working out since you’re following the meal plan she created to go along with her workout plan…

Also, don’t forget your paying $70 for this nutrition guide. You pay $70 to mess up your own metabolism and health. That sound like a good deal to you? Because me, personally, I’d rather pass on that opportunity.

Also, the customer support for the bikini body guide is downright abysmal. I emailed Kayla’s customer support before purchasing the guide to see if I could get any sort of discount code, and received no response. Then, I emailed them when I had a question about the workout and again received no response until five days later.

A Negative Reviews’ Conclusion

The BBG is not recommended! I bought so many other workouts that proved to be cheaper and more effective at what they were designed to do. Not to mention that some of them even come with video tutorials, access to online forums, and good customer support that makes them entirely worth the experience. If you’re looking for an effective workout plan or diet to help get you into beach body shape, I highly recommend that you instead look at the Jen Ferruggia’s bikini body workout. It’s a much better guide than Kayla’s and even helps you save money.

Click the Image below to visit Jen’s workout website – I HIGHLY Recommend it!

jen ferruggia review

If any of you guys have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment below.

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Bikini Body Workout Plan – Kayla’s Guide

Bikini Body Workout Plan – Kayla Itsines

sweat with kayla - get a bikini body plan

Are you looking for the ideal bikini body diet? Or maybe you just need a good beach workout. If so, I suggested he look into the bikini body guides I Kayla Itsines. Which, if I may say so, is very aptly named. The BBG workout was created by Kayla Itsines, with the bikini model in a fitness guru who has specialized in helping women achieve their ideal beach bodies for the past four years. She attended in exercise science school in Australia, which you learn the common issues that women with have with their bodies, or problem areas that they would want to eliminate before they hit the beaches in spring or summer. Using the experience, she decided to compile the most helpful information into the bikini body guide, and has since released it on her famous fitness.

Nowadays, she has way too many followers, and appears on talk shows and TV shows advertising her fitness prowess. How can I not trust her to the limit on the ideal bikini body to help me look like a bikini model. The idea was simple, invest in her workout plan, follow it to the best of my ability, and come help in 12 to 34 weeks looking better than I ever had. And even though her nutrition guide is an excellent diet, and her guide is thorough and easy to understand, I was disappointed.

It’s not that it’s a bad guy. The exact opposite. If you looking to have a bikini ready body, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. It’s just too expensive my honest opinion. There are other reviews who have said the same thing, and are plenty of cheaper bikini model workouts out there day you can try out. I do, we just one person. If you really want to, you can invest in the guide and try out for yourself. Just be ready for your wallet to take a serious hit when you buy Kayla Itsines guide.

Kayla Itsines – Her Bikini Body Workout Guide Reviewed!

Have you heard about the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout yet? If not, you should probably click here to learn more. But I digress.

Let me tell you exactly why the BBG is the best workout program I’ve ever tried out. This entire blog post is going to be dedicated to exactly why any women trying to lose weight and get beach bodies need to invest in this program before they try anything else out.

For one. It’s a complete guide. By this, I mean that (although it is a little pricey) once you buy the Bikini Body Guide you’re going to have any and all sorts of guidance you could possibly ask for. Whether you’re a newbie to going to the gym or a more intermediate gym-goer, you’re going to have something to gain from reading through the workout program.

Two. The BBG comes with a H.E.L.P. nutrition guide that further aides you in improving your workouts. You’ll be fighting extra calories in the gym, then come home and fight them in the kitchen as well. That’s a god dam good deal, thanks Kayla!

And lastly, the workout is a million strong. Kayla Itsines is a famous Instagram fitness model and has millions of followers who listen to her every word. Her workout is constantly advertised to them, and she’s also been on shows like Dr. Oz to talk about her fitness methods and ideology. And all these things serve to validate her approach and what she’s doing.

You think that if a million people had tried the workout and it turned out to be crap, you wouldn’t know about it? The lady has turned her own name into a BRAND. That takes motivation, skill, and delivery. Because no matter how well she advertises, nothing is going to beat the reach that good word-of-mouth will enable an effective workout to achieve. And that’s exactly why I’m blogging about the Kayla Itsines workout right now.

It’s quality, it works, it’s good. What more do you need to know? If you’re a woman looking for a quality workout, invest in the bikini body guide workout.

bikini body guides are the truth.